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Our professional temple band adds joy and spirit to many of our Friday evening Shabbat services throughout the year. Below are recordings of some of the melodies that we use during these "band services".

Please feel free to listen, download and share these recordings.

Pictured above: Mark Minkler - bass, Seth Farber - piano, Meredith Stone - Cantor, Mark Fineberg - winds, John Arrucci - percussion

Ma Yafeh Hayom (Issachar Miron)
Bring the Sabbath Home (Ellen and Peter Allard) 
Hallelujah (Debbie Friedman) 
L’cha Dodi (Moshe Laufer and  Ashkenazic melody arr. Eliot Glaser)
Bar’chu (Rachelle Nelson)
Roll into Dark (Noam Katz)
Mi chamocha    (Debbie Friedman)
V’shamru (Moshe Rothblum)
Peace like a River (Spiritual arr. Shira Kline)
Oseh Shalom (Debbie Friedman)

NOTE: All recordings are used by permission of the artists.

Recorded and mixed by Mark Fineberg


Tue, September 22 2020 4 Tishrei 5781