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Religious School Programs

At the heart of our religious school is our commitment to instilling Judaism and Jewish values in each child. We’ve built our curriculum around the idea that our traditions and ethics help each of us make the world a better place. In an age-appropriate environment, our faculty, clergy and professionals provide students with the values, experiences, skills and knowledge they need to live out a values-centered Jewish life. The knowledge and experiences grow and reinforce each other from year to year helping to build community and commitment among our students and their families.

Pre K – K: Our youngest join together to learn about Jewish holidays. All are welcome free of charge.

Introduce your Pre-K and Kindergarten children to their Jewish Heritage with Congregation Emanu-El. Our classes are a wonderful introduction to the Religious School Experience. Each class focuses on a Jewish Holiday with a fun filled program including cooking, music, storytelling and arts and crafts. Classes meet seven times this year on Sunday morning, and are open to the public. Bring Friends!
2017-2017 Pre-K & K Program

1st – 4th Grades: Our weekly Judaic Studies Program meets Sunday mornings. Through our Jewish Values focused curriculum, our educators use a variety of engaging, experiential techniques to lead students in an exploration of Jewish History, culture, and the State of Israel. Hebrew language learning begins in 2nd grade.

5th – 7th Grades: Kehilah Kedosha:  Our special learning communities for 5th through 7th grade take students on a journey from an exploration of ancient and modern Jewish heroes (5th grade), through an understanding of the immigrant experience and our families’ Jewish stories (6th grade), to a service learning model where student apply our values in the world through meaningful community service projects (7th grade). Several times a year congregants of all ages join with the 6th and 7th graders for intergenerational Torah study passing Jewish perspectives one generation to the next.

Hebrew Instruction:  In addition to the weekly Sunday Judaic session, 4th through 7th graders continue their Hebrew language study with Tuesday Hebrew classes. A weekly prayer service with Rabbi Goldsmith and Cantor Stone helps students learn the liturgy and its meaning. At the appropriate time, B’nei Mitzvah ceremony preparation is added.

Hinieni ACT NOW – 7th Grade: “We will do and we will understand” – Exodus 24. Our 7th grade Hinei ACT NOW students go out into our community and put the Jewish values that they have learned into action making our world a better place. This service-learning model has transformed Sunday mornings for our students and their families. Classes meet at 9:30 at the synagogue. Parents will be notified of alternative times and locations.

Religious School meets on Sundays from 9:30-11:45. Hebrew School meets on Tuesdays from 3:50-5:45.

Monday Night Program: This popular program brings our 8th and 9th graders together in a relaxed, social atmosphere to discuss current Jewish issues in our society and world.  The program focuses on how our Jewish values affect our everyday decision-making. In 10th grade the students study with our rabbi each week, culminating in a beautiful Confirmation Ceremony. Our 11th & 12th graders serve as peer coaches after Confirmation. Our dedicated Youth Group joins together regularly for community service and social activities.

Family Learning, Holidays & Special Events: Nothing supports Jewish education like families learning together. Several times a year students and parents are invited to actively study together during Sunday school and Monday Night Program. In addition, there are many occasions for families to engage in Jewish life at the synagogue including Shabbat, Jewish festivals and holidays, our annual Mitzvah Day, our School’s Out Carnival and more.  

Supporting Our Special Needs Population: We work with students and families to meet all special learning needs. Joining our experienced staff of educators is a special needs expert who meets with students one-on-one and advises classroom teachers and clergy on how best to work with students who may have learning challenges.

Keeping Parents Informed: On-going communication with parents is vital to creating the Parent/School partnership, essential to a child’s Jewish education. During the year we:
• Send a grade level e-mail blast each Sunday describing the class’s activities on that day and providing Parents with a follow-up question to ask their child.
• Send email progress reports at the end of January and end of May.
• Periodically Email our 'School-To-Home' What’s Happening Summary.
• Email via Constant Contact our “Year In Review” in June.

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