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2024 Civil Rights Trip


A Life Changing Trip: click here to read about our experiences and impressions.

Our trip took us to the historic sites where the Civil Rights struggle of the 1950’s and 1960’s in Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery took place. We met with the courageous people that were part of working for racial equality. We had an education of a lifetime on this transformative trip to Atlanta and Alabama.

We will never look at the African American experience in the same way after our Etgar 36 Civil Rights trip. Etgar (אתגר) means to dare or challenge. This trip challenged our understanding and views on the African American struggles.

As Jews we are tasked with protecting the oppressed and vulnerable. It’s our responsibility to speak out when we see injustice. Advocate for the suffering. We will continue to look for answers to these questions in our hearts and in our actions. We will not be silent. 

Jane Dubro