Shabbat & Holidays

Shabbat & Holidays


All aspects of Jewish life come together in our weekly Friday evening celebration of Shabbat: prayer and community, learning and joy, reflection and family time. Each week features a different style of service highlighting another facet of Jewish tradition. From joyful services with our professional band to sophisticated special music programs, from lively Torah discussions to erudite scholars, our services meet the needs of all our congregants.


Holy Days and Festivals punctuate our year with “palaces in time”, moments when we can reflect on what’s most important, express gratitude for the blessings in our lives, commit to improving ourselves and our community, and experience the joy of being together as a community. With ancient traditions and innovative rituals, we bring contemporary meaning and relevance to the sacred times that have sustained our people over the millennia. Festivals and Holy Days are observed according to the Jewish calendar and in the surrounding days.

Our High Holy Day services and events can be found here.