Rabbi’s Weekly Message & Emanumail

In 1860 the small community of Tabor, Czechoslovakia received a Torah commissioned by a generous congregant. For 81 years, that scroll was the focus of prayer and study, community and hope. While most members of the community perished after being deported by the Nazis in November 1941, the Torah survived and has held a place of pride in our ark since June 1978. (Learn more about the scroll and read the 1978 dedication ceremony here.)

Last night I stood around that Torah scroll with this year’s Confirmation students in preparation for this Friday’s Confirmation ceremony. They recited the Torah blessings and I read the Ten Commandments out of the scroll. We all marveled at the moment. We marveled that an antique scroll, filled with ancient texts, rescued from the fires of the Holocaust, drew together this marvelous group of students. It keenly demonstrates the legacy of our tradition, the commitment to passing it from one generation to the next, and the hope embodied in these committed students. It is a hope that gives us pride, a hope that truly gives light.

Please join us in celebrating these remarkable students on Friday at 7:30pm in our sanctuary.