Membership Dues & Fees

2024-25 Membership Dues

Full membership dues:  $4,150.00 per year
There is a Building Fund Fee of $5,000. The payments for this fee can be paid out over a 5-year period ($1,000/year). Congregants over age 60 are exempt from payment of the Building Fund commitment. There is a $250 security fee per year to be paid with dues.

Young Families Incentive Program

We are committed to providing an engaging place for young families to begin their Jewish journeys. Young Families High Holy Day services are led by our clergy in our beautiful sanctuary and throughout the year our Young Families Committee hosts holiday celebrations with music, crafts, food and a real sense of community. All dues paid under an incentive program will apply toward the family’s building fund commitment. There is a $250 security fee per year to be paid with dues.

$360 per year: Family with oldest child in kindergarten or younger (free tuition for kindergarten and pre-k students)

$720 per year + tuition: Family with oldest child in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade

With our Young Families Incentive Program, Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester welcomes young families as full members of our congregation. Membership brings so many blessings:

  • The warmth of a lasting relationship with our rabbi, clergy and professional staff
  • The joy of worshipping in our beautiful sanctuary where High Holidays, Shabbat, Festivals and Special Events are celebrated
  • The benefits of being part of a synagogue with a long and proud history and a promising future
  • The advantage of a community to share your joyous occasions and to support you in sorrowful times
  • The fulfillment of engaging in tzedakah and serving our larger community
  • The privilege of celebrating your meaningful moments in our brand new Susan Schweitzer Family Learning Center

Religious & Hebrew School Fees

Pre-K and Kindergarten: No Charge
Religious School Grades 1-7: $995/child
Hebrew School: $995/child
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fee: $2,000 additional
Academy 8-9: $995/child
Confirmation 10: $995/child
Grades 11 & 12: No Charge

The temple fiscal year runs from June 1 through May 31. Dues are billed for the full year and are not prorated. All payments are allocated first to dues and then to any other fees.