Ukrainian Medical Supply Drive

Here is your chance to make an immediate difference for Ukrainian refugees.

Our congregant, Lynne Wolitzer, will be headed to Poland next week to witness first-hand the impact of the organizations that UJA-Federation of New York supports. In addition to bringing medical supplies from Afya, she will also bring a duffle bag full of supplies donated by you, our congregants. The agencies on the ground assisting refugees have asked for very specific items, items not easily available in Europe:

These items must be at the temple no later than next Monday, April 4 at 10:00am. No late items can be accepted. You may have items sent directly to the temple or drop them off during regular business hours or during Religious School on Sunday morning.

Over the Counter Medications
This includes pain relievers, cold and flu medication, sleep aids, band-aids, gas relief, etc. There is an Amazon wish list, which can be found here, with some ideas. You may purchase from Amazon or a local retailer and you need not be limited to the brands and items listed on Amazon.

Passover Toys and Games
UJA-Federation of New York and JFNA are launching a Ukraine Passover Project to fund seders and Passover food delivery within Ukraine and at all the major refugee centers in bordering countries. To support them, we are asking for Passover toys, stickers and games for children. Some examples can be found on the Amazon wish list at this link. You can also buy toys at a local store.